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Monday, January 16, 2006

A Beginning

I've decided to take the plunge with a blog about my knitting (and other stuff), coming out the shadows of lurkdom as it were, to hover on the fringes of the knitting blogosphere.

Having learned to knit (and crochet) years ago, knit through college and beyond, I'm thoroughly enjoying the resurgence of interest in knitting and the availability of interesting and luscious yarns. It makes the long years of tough, hard-wearing acrylic almost worth it. I still have (and wear) a sweater I knit more than fifteen years ago out of good old Red Heart acrylic. No, I haven't worn it continuously through that time. It languished in the back of the closet for most of those years, being too small to accomodate my ample girth, greatly diminished since then.

About twelve years ago, after completing a baby blanket for my brother's first child, I had to stop knitting for a while because of severe wrist problems, which the knitting aggravated. Not being able to give up textile arts altogether, I entered my counted cross-stitch phase. I enjoyed the process, but found myself subtly dissatisfied because of the lack of creative input I had into the designs.

A few years later, after some improvement in the wrist problem, I gingerly tried crochet, and after a couple of afghans and the encouraging example of a knitting co-worker, I took up the knitting needles again. And haven't looked back again.

I'm hooked on hand-knit socks, and rarely wear anything else now, though it took a couple of years to knit up enough socks to be able to do that. I wear them year round and find them very comfortable. Even in summer. It's great to be able to go tromping in the park with my dog, Jazzy, getting my feet thoroughly soaked in the wet grass, and because of the wool socks, my feet weren't the least bit cold! Wool socks are also great in the air-conditioned building where I work. An the other hand, I get cold a lot, and wear long underwear, multiple layers and sometimes even a hat inside in the winter. In Tennessee.


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