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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Keeping Busy

I finished the first "Salt and Pepper" mitten on Monday evening. The top of the hand came out a bit "pointy" for my taste, following the directions as written. I'll probably look into alternative decrease patterns to see if I can find a mitten top I like better.

Hoping to avoid Second Mitten Syndrome, I immediately cast on for the second mitten. I worked on it a little for the last few days. Today, I finally started the stranded portion of the hand and had gotten three or four rounds into it before realizing I'd forgotten to change to the larger size needles at the end of the ribbing. Sigh. Pulled out the needles and ripped back to the top of the ribbing. Put the needles back in. Oops, those were the same needles. Move the stitches to the larger needles. Knit one round before lunch ends.

Yesterday, I got to knit in my dentist's office, in the chair, while waiting for the local anesthesia to take effect and my jaw to get numb enough so the dentist could drill off an old bridge and do the prep for the replacement. Since I was knitting socks on size 0 needles, I volunarily put down the knitting before the drilling started. I didn't want to be holding sharp, pointed objects while the dentist was drilling; I didn't think the dentist or assistant would appreciate being skewered if they hit a nerve.

The drilling wasn't too bad, this time, but they took a bunch of impressions. Okay, it was just three, but it felt like more. And of course each one had to set up for awhile, so after I'd been there two hours (really), and the last one was a whole mouth impression, I was pretty much over it. Just wanted to get the temporary in and go home. I go back in three weeks to get the permanent bridge put in.

Last night, I experimented with winding a center pull ball, using a make shift nostepinne (I think that's how it's spelled). I don't own a swift, so I draped the skein on an inkle loom (works pretty well), and used a plastic, size 35 straight knitting needle to wind the ball on. For a first attempt, I was pretty pleased with the technique. It's not speedy, sort of meditative almost. The real test will be how the yarn knits out of the ball.


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