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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Like I Really Need Another Project

Yesterday I finally succumbed. I've been contemplating knitting a Doctor Who Scarf on and off for a while. I found patterns on-line, studied pictures, looked for yarn with colors that came reasonably close. Yesterday, I did it.

I bought some yarn. It was on sale. The colors aren't really that close a match, but I think they at least express the general idea. Especially after I got the yarn home, looked at a picture again and swapped two colors for yarn in my stash. I've opted for washable and virtually indestructible Red Heart acrylic. Not that I wouldn't use wool if I could find it, but this scarf is going to be at least fifteen feet long. It's going to get dragged on the ground. I'm not sure who will end up with it and would hate to see it shrunk into unrecognizable condition because someone threw it into a washing machine.

Since the pattern I'm using (16th season) lists the stripe pattern in numbers of rows, and I'm using worsted weight yarn while the pattern calls for sport or dk weight, I knit a gauge swatch. I then checked my row gauge, added up all of the rows in the listed pattern and got an estimated length for the finished scarf. Allowing for some stretch in the garter stitch, I figure it ought to be long enough.

Then I started knitting. 40 stitches wide. Garter stitch. The only thing to keep it interesting is counting garter ridges (multiply by two to get the number of rows) so I can keep up with the color changes. I found it rather medititative. I enter this project with the knowledge that it is a long-term project. I don't expect to finish it soon. By some time next fall would be nice, but isn't essential. It's something I want to see if I can do. I'm already contemplating the idea of doing another one in wool. (What am I thinking? Not one, but two fifteen + foot scarves? Not this year, that's for sure.)

Because the colors I'm using don't actually match that closely and I'm using heavier yarn, I'm thinking of calling this a "Dr What" scarf, or maybe a "Dr Hoo" scarf. Any other ideas?

Here's where I found the pattern I'm using. Lots of other information and photos here as well.


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