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Monday, December 18, 2006

Almost Solstice

The tree is up, partially decorated. The dog is ignoring it. After an arctic cold snap in early December, the weather is now unseasonably warm. The moon is rapidly fading, a hair-thin crescent this morning in the southern sky. Lots of clear nights, so the it's been a great month for moon-watching.

After spending November writing the first draft of the Novel (NaNoWriMo), I hit the 60,000 word mark and haven't touched it since November 29th. So, even though the excitement of being a "Winner" has worn off a little, I did put the winner's icon on the blog. Woohoo! And I am going to frame the certificate and hang it on the wall, too. I can use all of the encouragement I can get!

On the other hand, having spent November writing, the plans for knitted holiday gifts did not pan out at all. So, in early December, faced with rapidly approaching shipping deadlines (family all live out of state) and no knitting projects finished, I first thought I just massively scale down the whole plan and knit some cute little stockings as Christmas ornaments. Nice idea, but that one didn't work out either. What with one thing and another, I managed to start only one such ornament and that one took more than two weeks to finish. Finally, last week, I just went the on-line route, ordered some stuff, let the merchants ship it and voila! All done. Except for cards. Still working on those.

This means that I can start planning for next year. It's not like I've given up knitting or anything like that. Just revised my plans. A lot. And this morning I felt the distinct nudgings of the urge to start a new project. Not sure what yet, I'm going to let that idea simmer for a few days before leaping into something too quickly. Besides, I do have a pair of mittens almost half-finished -- just the thumb to go on the first one.

And just for fun, here's a picture I took while in Clearwater, Florida this past September. Can you name the bird?


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