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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Women Knitting

While knitting is often a solitary pursuit, most knitters do enjoy meeting with other knitters, to knit and to chat. Sometimes more talking gets done than knitting, but no one seems to mind all that much. I'm in a small group, as yet un-named, that meets once a month. We held our fourth gathering tonight, claiming a corner of a local Starbucks. The attendance is still small, which is good, because if we get many more knitters, we'll have to find a larger space.

Liza and Karan are working on a prayer shawl and an Alice Starmore sweater, respectively. Karan is one of the organizers of this gathering. Her co-conspirator, April, was unable to join us tonight due to illness.

Here, Kim is knitting on a sock. The remains of a sunset were visible through the window behind her, but didn't show up at all in this picture.

While Katherine is knitting an alpaca lace shawl. (Please forgive me if I've misspelled your name, I forgot to ask you the correct spelling.) She was also helping a new knitter learn to cast on (not pictured, at her request).

Here's my mitten (second mitten), in progress. [Thanks Kim, for taking the picture.]

And finally, the front (or back) of Karan's sweater. The cables don't show up very well in this picture though.


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