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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Few Finished Objects

Having a week off from work between Christmas and New Year's gave me some quality knitting time and I managed to finish off several projects.

First, the extremely long, Doctor Who Scarf(Season 16, with color variations) finally reached it's inevitable conclusion. It measures in at about twenty feet, unstretched and is really too long for me to wear without some extra loops to keep it off the floor. This is the folded up view.

Second, a little scarf I whipped up for myself as a quick Christmas gift, from yarn and needles I bought a year ago at Christmas time. Seemed appropriate. Color is a bit greener than what it looks like here, in spite of going for natural lighting.

Third, a pair of mittens (Spruce Mittens from Robin Hanson's Favorite Mittens), which will be a gift.

Fourth, a hat for myself, of Chunky Wool-Ease, based on a hat I knit a couple of years ago which I liked for warmth, but hated the color. So now, I can still be warm, but also more colorful as well. The cables in the turned up part of the hat were knit as pairs of twisted stitches done from the purl side of the cable as knit so it would show up as twists on the knit ribs when turned up. Turned out pretty well, in my opinion.

Current projects include coming to the end stretch of a ripple stitch knit afghan and pulling out a sweater I started two years ago and deciding that I really did like it, so I'm working on it again.

I'll close with one more photo, the waxing gibbous moon, rising in the east in the late afternoon a week or so ago. Enjoy.


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