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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm still knitting

I'm still knitting, in spite of the lack of postings here. Just busy. It's funny how blogging uses up time I could be knitting. Here's some of what's been going on lately.

First, the Gloves

On Sunday night, at about 8pm, I finished the right glove of the pair (the back is shown here), including weaving in ends, and then cast on for the left glove.

The left glove is progessing nicely. I just put the thumb gore stitches on hold to finish the hand (on my lunch break).

Can I finish by Sunday night? I think so. It'll be tight, but I think there's still enough time left. By my calculations I probably have around 10 hours of knitting (and finishing) left. I've got around an inch of knitting left on the hand, then start taking off stitches for the fingers, and then work each finger and the thumb. The fingers took about an hour and a half each on the first glove, so that's around 7.5 hours for five of them. Allow another 1-2 hours for the rest of the hand and setting up the fingers, and some time for the finishing.

Stay tuned, I'll try and post a little more often.

The String Eating Dog, part 2

Jazzy, sweet dog that she is, presented me with evidence of futher depradations on fiber (Part One is here) on Wednesday morning (after I was awake for once). Upon inspection of vulnerable textiles (rugs), I found a small throw rug with a relatively small portion missing along one edge. The rug is small one, about the size of a small doormat, and appears to be a piece of a remnant of industrial type carpeting (low pile) that had been bound off on the edges. It's pretty stiff, and invulnerable to doggy depradations (or so I thought). It turns out that this was again one of this rugs made with a continuous yarn that's pulled up into rows of short loops, and Jazzy apparently worked a bit loose and then kept pulling. I think it's nylon. Couldn't have been pleasant.

Why does she do this? I'm not sure, but since it only seems to happen when I'm not home, I suspect it's a stress behavior. I'll have to explore this a bit further.


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