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Sunday, February 12, 2006

No Pictures Yet

... but I did cast on for the Flying Geese Gloves on Friday evening, while watching the (recorded) opening ceremonies for the Olympics. Cast on and started the ribbing on the first glove, knitting perhaps an inch or so before I got too sleepy and had to go to bed. Finished the ribbing and started on the patterned part of the glove Saturday.

It's been snowing here. Not a lot of snow compared to some parts of the country, but enough to make things interesting. It snows overnight, then mostly melts off during the day, while still snowing. Today we've had snow showers on and off all day, while last night's two-three inches of snow has pretty much all melted off.

I mention this because I've been thinking about the as-yet-unfinished wool mittens wool mittens which would be really nice to have finished right now. My only other mittens are a much lighter pair knit out of Lion Brand Wool-Ease (i.e. mostly acrylic) and when they get wet, they get wet. And cold. And with this cold, wet snow we've been getting, that's not fun.

Anyway, I've been debating taking the time from the gloves to try and finish the mittens. The compromise I'm considering will be that AFTER I've knit some on the gloves on a given day, and feel I'm on track to finish them (both of them) on time, then I can give myself permission to work on the mittens. On the other hand, it's going to be warming up again in a few days, so it won't matter so much then.

Now, since it's about 5pm and I've not done any knitting today yet, I think it's time I actually got back to those gloves!


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