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Monday, February 06, 2006

My Dad Went to New Zealand ...

... and brought back yarn!

My father and step-mother just got back from a cruise and vacation to New Zealand. First the five-week cruise, including stops in South America and islands in the South Pacific. Followed by an extended visit to New Zealand.

I admit to dropping broad hints about wool and New Zealand before they left, so the New Zealand yarn wasn't a total surprise. But they also sent me some alpaca yarn they bought in Ecuador, complete with a picture of a rather homely alpaca on the label. The alpaca yarn (actual fiber content not listed) is a tweedy green, quite pretty and soft; it appears to be about sport weight. The New Zealand yarn is Naturally Tussock Aran 10ply, being 85% New Zealand wool and 15% polyester, in off-white with a darker strand plied in. It looks like it will produce a kind of tweedy effect when knitted up.

On the left is the Tussock from New Zealand, on the right is the alpaca from Ecuador. Photographed outside on a cloudy day, hoping to get a better image of the colors.

No ideas yet what I'll knit out of either of these, though there looks to be enough for a sweater, or equivalent out of each of them. I'm just enjoying the idea of having yarn that came from the other side of the planet!


Blogger Whit said...

Great yarn!!

Hey, I'd love it if you'd join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!



11:28 PM  

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