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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm still here

Yes, it has been a while since I posted that last, brief, post at the end of the Knitting Olympics. And, no, I've not been sick. My excuse, if I need one, is that I've been recovering (post-Olympic decompression), I've been busy at work, and the handful of times I actually attempted to post I had trouble with my (dial-up) internet connection at home. I've been starting to feel as though the world was conspiring to keep me from doing this.

On the Knitting Olympics. It was an interesting experience. A very intense two weeks. I'm pleased that I did manage to finish the gloves, even though I missed the gold medal by a matter of hours. Partly due to some confusion on my part as to WHEN the Knitting Olympics actually ended. So it goes. I still have the gloves, and they still look pretty impressive. And they fit too! Too bad spring is actually arriving and it's not really cold enough to wear them any more.

I have learned that I can knit a (small) project in two weeks and still go to work every day and still sleep (some). I've learned that I really can knit in two colors, with one in each hand, and that the technique is actually pretty cool. I fully intend to do more colorwork projects. I've also learned (for the moment) that maybe doing time-itensive knit-alongs is not a really good idea for me unless I'm doing it on vacation time or something, but that could change given enough time passing.

Since then, I have still been knitting. Finishing some projects, continuing others. I haven't started anything large or complicated yet. I'm finished those mittens (the training project) during the Knitting Olympics (it was snowing outside at the time, what can I say?) and then discovered that I'd forgotten to change back to the smaller needles to knit the cuff of the second mitten. And yes, you can tell the difference. I'll need to go back and redo that cuff. Soon. Eventually. Maybe before next winter. We'll see. I also finished a purple hat with gold bee buttons on it for a friend with cancer (based on the hat in Stitch 'N Bitch Nation).

In progress (I've actually knit on these in the last week):
  • One ripple afghan in Lion Brand Homespun (started this last year, it'll get done eventually).
  • Doctor Who? scarf (I changed the purple from a lavenderish shade to a more plummy shade -- looks better now. I'm about two or three feet into this very long scarf.)
  • Socks in Wildfoote handpaint (dark blues and greens), I'm on the second sock.
  • Face cloths in cotton as gifts.
I've not really sat down to consider other projects yet. I've got the Christmas mittens/gloves to get back to though. Hopefully soon.


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