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Thursday, June 01, 2006

June, already?

Where did spring go? First April was hotter than usual, than the first part of May was actually pretty cool, and this past week it felt more like summer. Long days, highs in the 90s. Really.

I'm still knitting, but not that much. Busy with stuff like finally getting the fence fixed that got busted down by a pickup truck that ran off the road last December. The reconstruction work was finished last week, and I've been painting it by fits and starts this week. It's a wooden picket fence, painted white. Of course. It also serves as a very visible marker for the edge of the road, which while it didn't help the two times the fence did get hit (daylight accidents with relatively young, i.e. inexperienced, drivers), does help provide at least a slight buffer between the road and my house, which isn't all that far from the fence. And the visibility factor is definitely a plus. On the other hand, a wood fence is not exactly low maintenance. Kilz is my friend. Just keep priming it. Seems to be working so far.

Knitting has included finishing a prototype double-knit mitten for the northern branch of the family Christmas presents. It's a prototype because I'm not sure if it will fit the recipient and because I forgot which color was the main color and accidentally switched the yarn in left and right hands between the main part of the mitten and the thumb, so the thumb while okay, does look a bit funny compared to the hand -- the colors are emphasized differently. I figured out the problem after I finished and woven in the ends and frankly, didn't feel like redoing it. And I'd already declared the mitten either mine, or a prototype. I'll get the intended recipient to try it on this weekend, since she'll be visiting.

I did finish the Wild Foote socks I'd been working on earlier, and also knit up a (quick) pair of boot socks in Chunky Wool-Ease. I'm using up the yarn from a sweater project that I frogged a year (two years?) ago after realizing that the resulting sweater was WAY too big and besides that the color really didn't do anyone any favors. They call it "Foliage", an interesting mix of green and greenish brown, with flecks of other colors tossed in. It should have been a great color for someone of my coloring (fair, freckles, red hair), but in fact it reminds me mainly of standard army camo green, about the color of the army-issue undies my ex brought home with him from the army. I actually made a hat out of the yarn. The main redeeming feature of the hat is that it's warm. The color just doesn't work. I'm not sure why it took me so long to figure this out. So, it's socks for this yarn -- keep it as far from my face as possible!


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