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Friday, June 02, 2006


I just got the new issue of Knitter's in my mailbox yesterday (Summer 2006, K83). Let me start by saying that I don't look at these magazines necessarily as a source of complete garment patterns, but more as general inspiration. I look for interesting structural techniques, pattern stitches, uses of color and so forth. On that score, this issue isn't bad. On the other hand, most of the sweaters seemed to be very boxy and oversized on the models. There were a couple of exceptions that had some waist shaping -- Flannel Garden (a sleeveless sweater with front yoke details) and Bon Bon (a tank top designed by Lily Chin). What I find interesting about all of the boxy sweaters and tunics is that this is not a style we'ere seeing much of in ready to wear (I'm not talking high fashion here, I don't pay that much attention). More fitted garments definitely seem to be in, especially for younger women.

Now, boxy sweaters certainly would be easier to design for multiple sizes. After all, you don't have to worry about exactly where all of the womanly curves actually are -- just make it big enough to cover the body. Throw in an interesting stitch pattern, an neat or exotic yarn, and you have a sweater! Unfortunately, what you have is still a box, and not necessarily flattering on all body types. Maybe this is why I make socks, even though I have to adapt those patterns to fit my stout ankles. I'm not all that keen on spending the time it takes to knit a sweater, only to end up with something that just hangs there. Especially when the design involves acres of stockinette, as some of these designs do.

Now, in other patterns. The socks are interesting, though I've not had time to actually read the details of how they're constructed. The felted purse is very cute. I love the colors, but probably couldn't afford the yarn. There is one blanket, another example of interesting construction which I'll probably take a closer look at later, though I have no plans to knit it. The four jackets aren't bad, and the purple one (French Lilac) is kind of cute, but all are very boxy in design. The French Market Bag is intriguing, though I'd skip the matching wrap. Oddly enough, I don't think there are any designs for men in this issue (they usually manage at least one).

Peri Klass has a nice essay on knitting two baby blankets which I enjoyed. Sounds familiar, buy the yarn with great plans of a quick and easy project (or two), which end up taking far, far longer than anticipated.

Overall, a rather middle of the road issue. Nothing that leaps out and screams "Knit Me!", but enough designs to keep me interested enough to read through the patterns and consider possible adaptations -- alternate yarns, colors, trims, etc. A few designs I may go back to at some point (Flannel Garden, French Lilac, the felted purse, maybe the socks).


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