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Saturday, September 09, 2006

September ...

and it's time for another photo-free post. I have but limited access to a digital camera, and the time lag between taking photos with a film camera, getting them developed and then scanning them tends to take all the fun out of that process, and pretty much all of the spontaneity as well. And probably accounts for the relatively sparse postings to this blog of late.

I've been in the mood for mindless knitting, and so have finished almost 60% of the Doctor Who scarf (plain garter stitch, just have to count the number of rows for each color). This makes it a pretty long scarf already, and I'm realizing that it will also be fairly heavy in weight as well, a consequence of using worsted weight yarn, rather than the DK or sport weight yarn usually recommended for this project.

I've run across this pattern, which I think can be used with some minor modifications to make a nice felted floppy hat to go with the scarf. Let's see, find a suitable coat and I might just have the beginnings of a Doctor Who costume. Hmm, Halloween is coming ...

I'm also working on presents (knitted), for birthdays, and for Christmas, but I'm afraid I may be running rather behind on the Christmas knitting this year. My initial plans for lots of mittens and such got derailed by the realization that family members living in Arizona and Florida have little need for double-knit (two colors, two yarns carried throughout) wool mittens, and I really ought to come up with some other ideas. It's the coming up with other ideas that's been a little slow. I've got a few things I'm working on, but nothing quite ready for blog-time yet.

And then there's socks. Since I wear pretty much only wool socks these days, I almost always have socks on the needles. Right now, I'm slowly working on the second sock of a very brightly colored pair. I will finish it, but I've realized that after knitting a bunch of socks in the self-striping yarns over the last couple of years, that I'm really kind of over the stripes for the time being and will be seeking out some solid colors and tweeds and yarns of that sort in the near future. Meanwhile, what I'm calling the "clown stripe" socks still need to be finished.

On other topics, I'm taking a beginning Spanish class (offered for staff and faculty at the university where I work). So, how do you say "knitting" in Spanish?


Blogger Ronn said...

Seems like you've had your hands full with knitting and writting your novel. Good luck with that
and you mentioned you didnt have full access to a digital camera well they come rather cheap these days I bought a Aiptek from wal mart a 5 megapixel still/video camera for $100... sorry for my typos if I'm not inside of Ms-word this is as good as my typing gets lol. another place i like is ubid. Just remember if your buying a digital camera ask how much mega pixels it is and 5 is considered good or decent any lower than that isn't acceptable unless its a kodak . My sister has a kodak and its a 4mega pixel and it takes great pics!
back to your novel...I love sci fi or fantasy themed books so make time for the scarfs and the mitts but finish that novel! best of luck to you and may the words always find you

1:33 PM  

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